Step 1: Go to school


There is no doubt that science and university make a snug couple. Sure there are probably ways to get into research projects from outside of academia. But if it involves reading papers, booking labs, and finding colaborators on your own it could be expensive. Especially since a single ten page paper can cost 40$ or more at your local research journal.
More importantly though, school is where you build the foundation of knowledge that lies behind any good question about the world. I think its more than just creativity and stroke of genius that makes a good researcher. I am young, and know little perhaps, but all the men and women of science I have come to admire have first and foremost a vast knowledge of their own fields of interest. And that is one of the things I admire most about them I guess. It alows them to ask facinating questions that I didn’t realise could be asked.
School also lets you get a taste of different theoretical fields. Its not easy picking a field of interest. Sure some classes will bore you and seem unimportant. But I have come to realize that is not a bad thing. Things that doesn’t inspire you might lead you to the things that do if you let them.
Science is hard. More than anything I wish I could see a path to it clear-cut, and know what’s over the horizon. Maybe that becomes easier,
when standing on the shoulders of giants.


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